Multimedia galleries of the adventures of the bluetit in Théding

Year 2023

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2022

The nest box was replaced to accommodate a new, more powerful camera.

Visits began on March 10th. The first branch was brought in on March 16.

10 eggs laid between April 17 and 26. 7 births and 7 flights.

It was a beautiful litter!

Year 2021

The blue tits took their time this year, with the first visits starting at the end of March. On the other hand, construction started as soon as the tits appeared in the nest box.

The laying of 11 eggs was marked by several days of pauses, and incubation began 3 days after the last egg was laid.

The parents were efficient: out of the 11 births, 9 babies fledged! The nest was always immaculately clean.

Year 2020

A beautiful nest built and 10 eggs laid. From the start of brooding, the female was alone. She fought to feed the 10 chicks.

Alas, the task was too hard hence a big loss ; Only 2 chicks survived and left the nest box early.

Year 2019

Since 2019, we have made installations to follow via webcam a nest of blue tit live.

It’s a success since the connected nest box has been occupied since the first year! Thus we were able to follow for the first time in Theding, a family of blue tit.

This year, 11 eggs were laid in early April. Finally 7 juveniles flew the nest in mid-May.

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