Why donate?

/‘The Falcons of Théding’ support is committed to the protection of biodiversity at local level and is attempting to conduct an (inter-) national awareness-raising work in the protection of birds and their natural habitat.

How will your donation be used?

  • In the purchase, maintenance, repair of the operation of the entire technical system that allows the live vision of the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ (Webcam, video broadcast server). By making a donation, you will be able to make the service more and more efficient (for example, with the purchase of a better video webcam).
  • In the payment of the domain and domain’s name of the website.
  • In the installation, maintenance and cleaning of new nesting boxes for raptors.
  • In the installation, maintenance and cleaning of new birdhouses for passerines.
  • In the installation and maintenance of shelters for insects.

If you want to know the recent or current activities, see the ‘Actions‘ page.

How to make a donation ?

It is very easy to make a donation to help the Falcons of Théding & its actions. You have 2 possibilities:


One time payment via PayPalPayPal

Via PayPal, you can make a one-time donation of any amount. To do so, click on the “Donate” button below, indicate the amount you wish to donate, and complete the form by following the instructions. You can donate by credit card or using your PayPal account. This donation does not entitle you to a tax deduction.


1€/month subscription via Teaming

Thanks to the Teaming site, you can subscribe to a group (association, individual, company, school) that defends a cause and pay 1€/month for as long as you wish. To do so, click on the button below and then subscribe after registering for free on the site. It is possible to make a monthly donation using your bank card or RIB.


Every participation is welcome! Thank you all for your contribution!

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