Multimedia galleries of the adventures of the barn owl in Théding

Year 2023

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2022

The previous season ended late in the year, just enough time to clean the nesting box, which owls were once again passing regularly during the winter nights.

At the end of the winter, a couple of pigeons took the opportunity to settle down and lay 2 eggs. Unfortunately, they were immediately removed by the owls.

Jeanne, the German hen ringed in 2020, is back at the beginning of March. It is she who will occupy the nest box for a second year. 6 eggs laid, 6 births. The 5th calf died during an incident at the nest. And the youngest, condemned, was taken to a care center.

So there are 4 chicks that will naturally fly out of the nest box at the beginning of summer. The youngest will also regain its freedom in Théding.

The new facilities (second nesting box, new perch) were used by the owls.

Year 2021

What an eventful year!

A very early occupation of the nest box in December 2020 and the arrival of a banded female owl in mid-January. She was named Jeanne and led two litters with her partner Charly (not banded).

Laying began in mid-March: 6 eggs for 6 births. 5 babies were born until they fledged.

Before the end of this first litter, the parents wanted to start a second litter nearby. They chased the hawks out of their nest box, but eventually abandoned it (not suitable enough for them?). The couple waited for the last chick to fledge before they started laying eggs in the original nest box in early July. 10 eggs were laid! 6 chicks were born and 4 fledged. The end of the season was difficult as the fall weather came early.

The female disappeared before the rearing of the young was finished.

This year 9 chicks will fly to new horizons, that’s a good result!

Year 2020

New for 2020, a barn owl nesting box.

Beginning of the year, pigeons occupied the premises and completed a first brood of 2 youngsters. Even before the 2 young had taken off, the parents started a second nesting in the same nest box, but no births were observed. The third brood could not be completed as a pair of barn owls began to frequent the nesting box in May.

In June, 8 eggs were laid by barn owls with 8 births in July. The 2 youngest did not survive. After 2 months of growth in the nest box, the flights followed until the nest box was empty at the beginning of October.

A beautiful first nest of barn owl in front of our cameras in Théding!

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