Multimedia galleries of the adventures of the greattit in Théding

Year 2023

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2022

The two connected nest boxes were occupied this year, only one nest per box, but beautiful nests!

Nest Box # 1: Nestbox occupied during the winter as a dormitory, start of material supply at the end of March, 7 eggs laid, 7 eggs hatched, 7 fledglings, perfect!

Nest box # 2: Again, the nestbox was occupied every winter night. A magnificent nest lined with white hair, then 7 eggs laid. 7 births, but a small accident led to the death of one of the babies. The other 6 chicks escaped without incident!

Year 2021

The two nest boxes were occupied again this year and we were able to observe beautiful broods.

Nest Box # 1: This birdhouse was occupied in the fall as a dormitory. The materials for the nest were brought in mid-March and the first egg arrived on the last day of the same month. 9 eggs, 9 births and 8 flights: a beautiful litter! No second brood.

Nest box # 2: Construction started on March 2nd: a lot of moss was brought in to make a nice nest. Laying started only in early April for 7 eggs. 6 births, but 2 babies died unexplained. Luckily 4 babies in good condition were able to fly away! No second brood, but a tit comes by regularly, even sleeping there from July.

Year 2020

2020, first year of monitoring for this beautiful passerine,  the great tit. Two families in two different nesting boxes.

Nest Box # 1:  used as a roost during winter, and later to build a cozy nest to hold 7 eggs. The 1st brood was a total failure. The chicks, although of advanced growth , died one after the other. The nest box was then cleaned. A second brood was born, consisting of 4 chicks ; they flew the nest in good health!

Nest box # 2: A late occupation (month of May), probably the couple’s second nesting with 5 eggs laid and the chicks growth was very good. They flew the nest with nice plumage and good weight.

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