Multimedia galleries of rock dove adventures in Théding

Year 2023

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2022

First installed in the barn nest box in mid-February, the pigeons abandoned their 2 eggs after the owls returned.

One pair returned after the owl and hawk season. 2 eggs laid in August, 2 births and 2 departures in October!

Year 2021

The pigeons waited for the kestrels to leave to settle in the small nesting box. Only one egg was laid this summer.

The little one, born in mid-August, developed very well and was able to fly away in mid-September.

Year 2020

In February 2020, a couple of rock pigeons settled in the barn owl nest box. This nest box had been installed one year earlier and had never been visited by owls.

The first brood with 2 eggs could be completed to the fledge. The 2nd brood produced 2 non-viable eggs. And at the beginning of the incubation of the 3rd brood (2 eggs) the owls came and the pigeons were put out…

The story of 2020 is told in the same gallery as that of the barn owls.

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