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Year 2023

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2022

Since the beginning of February, a young male kestrel has been visiting the nest box.

The roofing work carried out in early March did not discourage the kestrels, as a couple began to occupy the nest box on 18 March. Other individuals also tried to take over the premises, but were turned away by the couple present.

One month later, 6 eggs were laid. 5 chicks were born (1 unfertilized egg); they were generously fed by their parents.

The 5 young flew away in good condition 1 month after their birth.

Year 2021

As in the previous year, the kestrel couple arrived at the nest box at the end of March.

They laid 6 eggs and had 5 births, the last one arriving 3 days after the oldest.

The amount of food was abundant, the distribution of food was calm and the growth of the young was very good.

The pair of barn owls nesting nearby regularly approached the nest box, but the kestrels chased them away.

Only the owls wanted to start a second brood before the end of their first. So they chased the kestrels from the nest. 4 young, big enough to fly, escaped and found their parents in the nearby trees to finish their education. Unfortunately, the youngest was killed in the attack.

Eventually the kestrels got their nest box back.

Year 2020

A couple arrived later than usual (end of March). Laid 5 eggs in a new, more spacious nesting box. Unfortunately, a few days before the births, the young male (recognisable by his half-juvenile plumage) disappeared.

Luckily, a new male appeared and took over feeding the female and then the chicks.

The 5 youngsters have reached maturity. The youngest was significantly behind in his growth compared to the others and flew off 12 days after his elders.

Year 2019

In 2019, hawks were already present at the nest from 07 February, the cameras were reinstalled from 02 March. Thus, hawks showed us their courtship display.

The birdhouse seemed to please the kestrel couple. Alas, he finally decides to lay in a crow’s nest high up in a tree, just 50 meters away from the birdhouse. 3 youngsters were raised until flying the nest.

A second couple wanted to nest in front of our cameras, but the first couple did not allow their installation. This second couple finally found a refuge 150 meters away where 5 offspring were raised.

Regular visits of a male kestrel after the breeding season gives us hope for their return next season…

Year 2018

The clutch of the year 2018 was delayed by the visit of a barn owl.
Six eggs were finally laid.

Unfortunately an egg was quickly damaged and then eliminated by the female. 5 nestlings were born, but 1 of the nestlings died a few hours after birth.
A second young falcon died later.

Three young falcons have taken flight.

In this gallery you will find the history in detail this year, accompanied by photos as well as videos.

Year 2017

2017 is the year of return of the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ after 8 years of absence…

The surveillance system is restored and updates, allowing the Internet users to follow the nest via a live webcam.

5 nestlings developed before our eyes until they took flight.

Year 2011

After 2009, the Falcons marked a long absence on our nesting site.

It benefits others. As in 2011, it is where a squirrel has elected home.

Year 2009

But what happened in 2009 ?

A rare clutch: seven eggs! But these were suddenly abandoned without apparent explanation…

Year 2008

The monitoring system is switched to continuous with the sound for a webcam.

This system has allowed to follow this beautiful year Live: 6 nestlings flew away!

Year 2007

First year of video surveillance 24h/24, 7d/7 with an update of the nest images every 15 seconds.

Pity, 2007 was very bad for the ‘Falcons of Théding’…

6 eggs were laid, some were damaged by the parents. Only one little one was born. But following the death of the male, the only young falcon did not survive.

Year 2006

No photos between 2003 and 2006 but Falcons have nested well on our site.

The year 2006 sent 6 nestlings in the air!

This page is perfect to see the evolution of young Falcons day after day. Indeed, every day a picture was taken.

Years 2001-2003

No photo between the year 1996 and 2001, the follow-up was not yet assured. But the Falcons have come to nest every year, archives in the form of dates exist in the history of the ‘falcons of Théding’.

Some photos of the years 2001 à 2003: beautifuls clutches of 6 nestlings!

Year 1996

1996… The year of installation of the first couple of kestrel at the nesting site.

Here is a small archive of photos, showing a brood of 5 nestlings with their mother.

Your photos ...

This gallery includes photos shared by different people who have the chance to observe or welcome kestrels Falcons.

If you also want to send your photos to appear in this beautiful gallery, do not hesitate to write to the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ via the contact form.

Thank you all for your participation!

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