The birds of Théding:

Since 2019 , the kestrel is no longer the only bird in Théding to be observed by webcam! Discover the different species to follow :
Click on “nest box” to access the live video and on “gallery” to discover the history of previous or current seasons in photos and videos.



The basis of our website is the kestrel.
Access the section of your choice.

Barn owl


A barn owl nest is monitored by an infrared webcam, since 2020
Also follow a live birdhouse in Sainte-Colombe.

Blue tit


Since 2019, blue tits are visible on the webcam!
Follow them live or relive the past years thanks to the galleries!

Great tit


Since 2020, great tits are visible on the webcam!
Follow them live or relive the past years thanks to the galleries!

Black Redstart


Black Redstart also live in Theding since 2019!
Follow them via webcam or relive the past years thanks to the galleries!

Rock dove


Rock dove often occupy the nesting boxes (kestrels or barns). Follow them live (on the same page as the kestrels) or relive past years thanks to the galleries!

Tawny owl


We have a connected nest box dedicated to the tawny owl since 2022.
We hope to follow them here soon.

Common starling


Since 2023, spaces under the roof have been opened to accommodate starlings.
Follow them live or relive past seasons thanks to the galleries.

Garden with bird feeders


Since winter 2021-22, observe the different species that come to feed in the garden.
You can follow them live or review the different species observed thanks to the gallery.

Other species soon connected?


From 2007 to today, connected birdhouses have flourished here.
Who knows ? Maybe one day we will offer to follow other species live?

Stay connected !

See all the birds at the same time

It is possible to watch all live videos simultaneously and follow all chats in progress. Different layouts are available:

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