Access to the nest of barn owl via webcams:

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The “Falcons of Théding” present: the “Barn Owl of Théding“!

The first connected nesting box for the barn owl was installed in Théding in the spring of 2019, following regular visits by the owl to the falcons’ nest. It is also installed in the attic, only 8 meters away from the nesting box of the kestrels. In the wild, these two birds of prey regularly visit the same nesting sites, so it is not surprising to see them nesting so close to each other, even if fights can be observed.

A second nest box has been installed since 2022, just 2 meters from the first. It is not intended to house an additional family, but it provides a second nesting chamber for the couple. In fact, under certain conditions, these owls can produce two broods per year. In this case, the male takes care of raising the young of the first brood, while the female begins to incubate the eggs of the second clutch. The presence of this second installation also prevents the owls from displacing the kestrels from their nest; it can also be used as a dormitory for the adults.
This second nesting box is closed at the beginning of the season and opened after the first brood has been laid. This allows the birds to be guided to the first nest box, which is better equipped to film them.

The nesting boxes consist of a corridor followed by a nesting chamber, in accordance with the expectations of the barn owl.

A total of 6 cameras make it possible to follow the barn owls of Théding:
– Birdhouse #1 is equipped with two internal cameras (with different viewing angles); as well as a camera that makes it possible to film the corridor or the perch (depending on its orientation).
– Birdhouse #2 has only one internal camera, as well as a camera that allows to film the corridor or the perch (depending on its orientation).
– From the tree opposite (a maple), the common camera with the hawks allows to film the owls outside the nests, when they are on the outdoor platforms. This camera is aimed at the owls only at night; during the day it films the hawks.

All cameras are motorized, with infrared lighting. The Barn Owl is a nocturnal bird, so its activity is concentrated at night!

Low artificial lighting during the day allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors of this raptor.
For more technical information, read the ‘Behind the Scenes‘ page.

      • Use of live cameras:
  • Click the button webcam bouton play in the center of the video.
  • Check that the button webcam bouton en direct is red; if not, click on it (it may take a few seconds to return to live).
  • Adjust the image quality settings by clicking on the button  to choose the highest possible number (if your internet connection allows it, otherwise leave it on 'Auto').
  • Control the live thanks to the slider , going back up to 12 hours! The button webcam bouton replay turns gray.
  • Tip: keep the sound from only one camera per nest box so as not to have an echo.
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Different species are visible live by webcam during the birds breeding season, click on the webcam that interests you:

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